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Private 1-1 Teaching/Coaching…

Achieve a breakthrough in your swimming or water confidence with private instruction tailored to your needs.

Pricing: Private lessons start at £30 per hour with discounts for three and five lesson packages. Share a lesson with a friend at £20 per hour. Lessons are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Locations: various pools over the North West of England

Booking: Review the details below and then contact us by email or phone, you can find our contact details HERE.

Choose private lessons if you want to:

conquer your fear of the water

feel comfortable in the deep end

swim with a disability or to recover from an injury

achieve a personal best in competition

get focused one-on-one attention

How it works

After a phone or email consultation with us, and if private coaching is right for you, we will recommend a private coaching plan for you from the following options:

Comprehensive package 5 sessions @ £125

Performance package: 5 Sessions including plans and periodization
(ie matching the timing of your training sessions to your competition/racing schedule) @ £100

Single session: £30 per hour

Package types

Comprehensive Package

Five customized private coaching sessions are the minimum required to give you a once in a lifetime boost in swimming comfort, skill and confidence. Perfect for anyone starting out or struggling with swimming lengths, anxiety or fear in the water, or wanting help to achieve specific personal goals. We recommend meeting once or twice a week with plenty of practice in between sessions.

Performance Package

If you already are comfortable in the water and swim regularly, but want to swim with more ease and speed, five sessions are usually plenty to work with. We will give you practices and drills to complete over 1-2 weeks in between sessions. Ideal for swimmers wanting to swim longer distances or faster times.

Special Session

Please contact us for more details to decide whether a one hour session is right for you.

Private lessons are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Lesson Content

In each private lesson you can expect the following:

free consultation by phone or email

evaluation of your current stroke with video analysis

understanding of what you are doing well, what can be improved and any       obstacles you need to address

in-water demonstrations, drills, exercises, and sequences that will help you       understand what you should be practicing and why it is best for your needs

detailed practice plan, review notes, and personalized feedback.

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