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Open water swimming is an exhilarating extension to the sport of swimming and it is just as track is to cross country. They are both in the same family, but demand totally different techniques and physical conditioning.

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There is much more to open water swimming

than long swims

It is very important you train with a group that can support your growth as an open water swimmer. The first time you get into open water for the season, or the first time ever, the mental and physical aspect of the sport must be addressed.  

The discomfort and panic doesn't go away on its own, you will just suffer longer or each time you swim, if you do not get the support you need. liquid motion supports its most experienced athletes down to the novice, by providing the skills needed to be tough, mental open water swimmers as well as physically conditioned to swim open water.

Many open water swimmers who are triathletes just want to get in and swim a distance or swim a specific course to get their workout in the same way a lap swimmer gets in and slugs out the yards. We are here to tell you there is so much more to open water swimming than long buoyed swims. Imagine a workout where, starts, pacing, sprinting, breakouts, buoys and passing skills are practiced each time you entered the water. The improvement and your enthusiasm will increase beyond recognition!

With proper training and support you can be guided quickly on managing your style to help keep you a safe and an effective swimmer.

When deciding to try open water swimming, there are many more strategies that you need to adopt to swim successfully, economically and, most of all, the skills to appreciate being outside in the open water. This is so even for the seasoned pool swimmer. Things that need to be taken into consideration: water temperature, colour of water, breathing techniques, wetsuits, managing heart rate, managing energy systems, technique,
managing yourself in a crowd just to name a few.