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Run Analysis Before

Get an up close and personal look at your running form and learn several ways to become more efficient. When you multiply an over-stride by hundreds of miles of training and long-distance racing, this braking action adds up over time. Learn about over-striding and other technique flaws that may be causing you fatigue over the long haul.

During your one-hour session, your running form will be videotaped from several angles and analysed on the computer, frame by frame. We will show you several drills that you can incorporate into your workouts, and you will be filmed performing those, as well. After your session, you will receive a CD containing all of your video files along with a document that summarizes everything discussed during the analysis.


Run Analysis After

Start your running program off on the right foot by combining an analysis of your run technique with the highest quality run training programme.

The Run Right Package includes the following:

First 4-week run training plan

Computerized run technique analysis

Lactate threshold run test

In-person, in-depth initial consultation

No start-up fee

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