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We provide the highest quality swim instruction at liquid motion coaching.

Darren Ashley is a former national level swimmer and now a member of the British Team Staff. We use a variety of teaching skills that help to develop the best stroke available to the athlete.

We realise that swimmers are not all the same and your stroke is built from the foundation up, so you will begin by learning basic body balance positioning and alignment. From here, you will add core body rotation, proper stroke timing and an effective catch. You will develop the recovery portion of your stroke and finally, add rhythmic breathing to your stroke infrastructure.

If you are a fit runner or cyclist and can’t understand how you can be out of breath after two lengths of swimming, this curriculum is for you! The instruction is also extremely valuable to an accomplished swimmer to fine tune your form for added speed and efficiency. This is probably one of the best athletic investments you’ll ever make. You can take these swimming skills with you and use them for the rest of your life. Make the choice now to change the way you swim forever!

Swimming Development…

For the more advanced swimmer, working on proper catch mechanics can improve your stroke (the distance you travel per stroke) dramatically and we can arrange a lesson or lessons specifically focused on this topic. We can also work on stroke rate and integrated kicking mechanics. These topics, along with open water sighting and a whole host of additional speed considerations can be covered in detail during the course of a private lesson or lessons.

At liquid motion we use a variety of teaching skills to develop the best stroke available to the athlete.


If you would like to know more email us at darren@liquidmotion.org.uk

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Darren Ashley speaking at a recent
BSCA Conference

The Drills we have used have helped develop two British records in the past 5 years and numerous national medallists.

Kathleen Dawson - 50m Backstroke British Record Holder & European medalist

Lesson content varies based on the swimmer’s needs. We can teach any of the competitive swim strokes. For many swimmers interested in improving their freestyle strokes, we will take you through the basic skill development positions, from foundational drills through to a technically sound whole stroke. We begin with balance, move to streamline, and finally, to propulsion. On average, it takes between 4 to 6 lessons to complete the drill sequence. Everyone progresses at different rates, so we make sure you’ve mastered one drill before moving to the next.